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Introducing OTrack 2018

OTrack 2018 includes many improved
features and lays the foundations for future
innovations in pupil tracking. Click here to learn more.

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Customisable Pupil Tracking

OTrack is a one of a kind online pupil tracking system which allows you to monitor progress and attainment at the touch of a button. What really sets OTrack apart from any other system is the powerful reporting tool - all reports are customisable, meaning that you can get them to fit in with how you operate as a school. We also develop reports to meet your exact needs.

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Tracking Pupils in Multi-Academy Trusts

With our Multi-Academy Trust pupil tracking features, everyone in your trust will have the tools to collate and analyse tracking data in a way that suits your exact needs. We will set up OTrack to work exactly how you and your academies want. The assessment models and analysis will be designed to meet your specific needs, saving you many hours of time.

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